Single Plane Swing’s Coming To Australia

You and over 55,000 other Australian golfers have chosen to join the GGA Single Plane community in the last couple of years and literally thousands of you have purchased products from us to support your quest to own a reliable and consistent golf game.

For this we say Thank You!

Recently we’ve had an unprecedented number of inquiries from Australia as to WHEN will our premiere products – the 1 Day Moe Norman Experience, the 3 Day Premiere School and our  5 day Build Your Game Camp be available to you without the time and expense of leaving Australia.

The answer is NOW……

Today, we are announcing plans to locate a FULL time GGA Single Plane Golf School in Australia.   Headquartered initially in the Gold Coast area our schools will be offered around the country in popular golf destinations.

GGA Australia will be staffed initially by experienced staff members. The staff brings over 40 years of teaching experience and guarantees the same quality instruction you expect from GGA.

As you can imagine, there is a lot to do.

The logistics of locating a permanent school in Australia are daunting. Our GOAL is to Get It Right for you the first time. We ask your help.  Please take a couple of minutes and answer the following questions concerning your preferences.

Name Email
My preferred region to attend a golf school in Australia.

My preferred format for attending a GGA Golf School would be
When attending a GGA Premiere Golf School  it is likely that I would come
I would like assistance in locating the appropriate accommodations close to the school
I would like to meet other Single Plane enthusiasts and get to know them socially while attending a school.
Now that you are coming to Australia  with the GGA Premiere Golf Schools, I would attend a golf school within the next 18 months
When I imagine attending a golf school, the three most important essentials for success to me are

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